BUL M5 Ultimate racer




Pistol BUL SAS IPSC, Firearms AMMG




The ULTIMATE RACER is BUL's long-time reliable and dependable open-class IPSC pistol. It is being extensively and successfully used by many Israeli and worldwide shooters at all levels through their routine training or their local and international competitions.

As with the SAS RACNING MASTER, the ULTIMATE RACER is equipped with all the great “bells & whistles” an Open-class IPSC shooter needs from such a ”Top-Fuel Dragster” just out of the box, and at an affordable and attractive price! It comes with the same C-More Serendipity red-dot sight, a modern multi-port compensator, a huge mag-well, slide weight-reduction and 3 magazines. The ULTIMATE RACER is available in 9x19mm, .38 Super and 9x23Win. (Image shows additional features such as: Grip machining, trigger-guard relieve and a low-mass hammer, which are offered as extra)





Caliber: 9x19mm, 9x23 Win, .38Super
Magazine capacity:


Barrel Lenght: 128 mm
Overall Lenght: 270 mm
Height: 200 mm
Weight: 1,158 g
Action: S / A
Sights: C-More Serendipity Red Dot Sight
Sight Radius: N / A
Safeties: Manual, Grip, Disconnector & Half-Cock Notch