/BUL SAS Pilgrim Master/

Pistol BUL SAS IPSC, Firearms AMMG



The SAS is the latest and hottest polymer hi-cap 1911 pistol series of BUL TRANSMARK. The SAS pistols are somewhat similar to our M5 line as far as the upper slide and barrel design is concerned. However, the noticeable difference between the two is the frame construction. Unlike the M-5, the SAS has a separate steel insert and fiber-reinforced polymer frame, which provides a firm grip due to its noticeable checkering throughout the side panels, front strap and mainspring housing. A feature many shooters favor. All SAS pistols come with extras like a match-grade barrel, full-length guide-rod, lowered and flared ejection port, extended thumb safety or wide ambi-safeties, match-grade hammer, high-ride grip safety, front and rear cocking serrations and an integral magwell as standard, right out of the box!

Simply put: The “Crème De La Crème” of all IPSC Standard Division 1911 hi-caps! With yet even smoother slide to frame fit and trigger-pull and standard features like adjustable rear sight, extended magazine-catch button, ambidextrous safeties and 3 magazines, the PILGRIM MASTER is bound to rake many trophies on your next IPSC and IDPA match!





Caliber: 9x19, 9x21, 9x23, 0.38 Sup., 0.40 S&W, 0.45 ACP
Magazine capacity:

18 for all calibers 9mm and 0.38,
16 for 0.40 S&W
13 for 0.45 ACP

Barrel Lenght: 128 mm
Overall Lenght: 225 mm
Height: 154 mm
Weight: 1,015 g
Action: S / A
Sights: Adjustable rear sight, high front sight, (Night Sights Optical)
Sight Radius: 170 mm
Safeties: Manual, Grip, Disconnector & Half-Cock Notch