BUL G Cherokee FS


Pistol BUL G Cherokee FS

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Pistol BUL G CHEROKEE FS, Firearms AMMG 


The Cherokee GFS is the perfect model for law enforcement or military operatives looking for a rugged, lightweight and versatile service pistol. Unlike the Cherokee FS, it provides a perfect platform, allowing the easyuse of our retractable stock, the CORNER SHOT and the CAA-RONI, as well as many other accessories.
Needless to say these systems and accessories can be easily mounted on or off by the operator in seconds! (No gunsmith or special tools needed).






Caliber: 9x19mm; .40 S&W
Action: DA/SA
Magazine Capacity: 17/14
Barrel Length: 111 mm
Overall Length: 215 mm
Height: 140 mm
Weight: 800 gr
Sights: 3-dot rear drift-adj., Front fixed (Night Sights Optical)
Sights Radius: 156 mm
Safeties: Manual, Firing-Pin & Hammer Half-Cock