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Cheyenne Tactical M200 Intervention Rifle



R8 Rifle with carbon stock and steel barrel


Licensed dealer of hunting weapons and war supplies

AMMG – International Distributor of Firearms

The “AMMG” company has been set up in 2007 by businessmen with great experience in the field of business with guns and war supplies. “AMMG” Ltd has obtained both import and export licenses, as well as a validated license for transferring guns, specified in the List of Weapons, issued by the Interdepartmental Council on the Issues of the Military Industrial Complex and the Mobilisation Readiness of the Country to the Council of Ministers.

“AMMG” Ltd stands up for the high quality of the goods it supplies and works only with producers of high grade and irreproachable reputation on the market. The company catalogues offer all kinds of firearms – guns, machine-guns, rifles, submachine guns, optical shotguns, etc.

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